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Welcome friend to my food and travel blog. I love sitting by the fire with a book and a cup of coffee. I love big porches at the beach with a breeze and rocking chairs, and spices and salts  that pop in my mouth. I love sharing a good story with friends. Looking forward to our shared moments together. 

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary

Let’s leave this minute, wherever you like. We could sail the Atlantic, dive from an aeorplane, sleep under the Northern Lights, ride camels through Egypt, go dancing in Florence, or put a padlock on the Pont des Arts in Paris. I don’t mind. Just do it with me.
— Beau Taplin

I am always, I repeat always giddy for a vacation. They make the best stories. You know the old saying like a kid in a candy shop well that's me, ok, more honestly like an adult woman let loose in a chocolate shop or maybe a specialties food shop, but you get the drift.

 I love vacations.

I love stories about vacations.

I love food on vacation.

 I love anniversaries.

 And most importantly, I love my sweetie.

 So what a package when you are heading off to the most romantic place on Earth for your 20 year anniversary.  Kauai. What a story it will be.

Yikes 20 years!

Did I just say 20?  

Yep, yeppers. 

So starting off the week prior with both you and your honey sick with the flu is not the most hopeful situation for your week in Paradise but alas I knew we would soon be better and off knowing we were going to eat:

pineapples, passion fruit,

mangoes and hmm fish specifically tuna.

Something about fish on an island says yum. Don't you agree?

Now mind you I have been a tuna hater all of my life.  Let me clarify a tuna fish can hater all of my life.  I owned a cat for 17 years until he passed and if my hubby opened a can of tuna (yeah he likes it) the cat came a runnin...

...shouldn't that speak to us on a more human level.  Canned tuna well it's just not my thing.  I have tried it. okay I will be truthful maybe not seven times as my rule of thumb goes but somethings just can't go past the nose.

The nose knows. It's what's keeps us from eating something rotten.  That is enough for me.

I know canned tuna is full of protein, maybe I haven't tried the kind packed in oil and on and on I have heard them all but somehow when I smell that can opening or the sandwich baggie of someone's tuna fish sandwich fling open in the car I just want to in no unshorten terms run.  Or maybe puke then run.  Either way it isn't pleasant.  

 Anyway my rant on tuna aside, fresh tuna is a whole other story.  It is smooth and clean, no fishy smell (if fresh, as it should be) and the natural fat in your mouth makes one's mouth sweat in a good way.  It is flavor at it's best and combined with some fruits of the islands,  Paradise in the mind takes on a whole new meaning.  To me anyway.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

 After all it's stories that make us fall in love, keep us dreaming, and hold our memories tight.

So what's your story?  Food you hate? Food you love?  City that brings memories because of a food you ate there?

You choose, I just want to hear the story...I love stories. Don't you?  

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