Sometimes you have to visit your own City when You have Tears

I lost my Best Whiskered Friend yesterday and inside it hurts.

He was there for me when  times were tough, friends were gone, and I felt alone in the world although surrounded by many. He taught me to live in the moment whether it was joy or sorrow and that life would go on.

 I ache now looking around the home, at the bathtub I would lay in as he walked around my head just missing the lit candle with a flick of his tail, hishead bent low to reach the water's edge waiting until I lifted my cupped hand to his tongue to lap the warm salted water.

 At the tomato colored couch he spread his long lean black body upon while wanting to feel the warm sunshine just a little longer. 

 He wasn't the first cat but he was My first and his 17 years didn't last long enough.  I cried yesterday,and I linger on in tears today, as I gaze at his photo on my phone wishing just one more time he would come up on my lap and push my fingers from the keyboard so he could snuggle his nose into my fingers.  My lips quiver from trying to stop the bulk of floodwaters starting again and I cover my mouth and nose in pain of feeling the drips down my lips.   My husband has been my constant support, he loved him too, but it's funny how we both know deep down he was a one woman cat.

 I will miss him once again tonight, mon petit chat, mon ami, mon companion as I lay awake waiting for him to hop up on the bed and tap his soft bean paw to my cheek to remind me that he wants love and what book could ever be more important than him.  

None ET, None.

E.T. (Extra Tiny)

After too many tears and to many goodbyes yesterday it was important to find solace in the city that was home to our kitty and let the tears get washed away in the rain.

 The dreary, cloud filled Seattle day blended into the mood offered to me by my loss, but the Big Cats gave me comfort in their beauty.

 May you enjoy the moments I had today in visiting my city when one has tears.

Malayan Tiger Brothers

Jaguar going Solo

In memory of ET the best "Big-Little" Cat I ever knew.