Hungry Birds Food Tour

The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.
— Willy Nelson

Travel starts with culture. Culture means language, art, people, customs, and last but most importantly food.  In search of an experience that would be unique, out of the box, not your average, fun and whimsical but yet also a little well, tasty is the only word that comes to mind.  I didn't want to be so stuffed that I hated all of the food when the  tour was complete but then again, going out for a meal after it was all over  meant it wasn't satisfying.  Here in Seattle we have Savor Seattle, a great tour by the way, Seattle bites, Eat Seattle, and the list goes on so you can imagine why a foodie has to find just the right one. I was looking for foods we had never tried, cultural foods unique to Amsterdam and  some funny and/or historical tidbits to go along with it would just add to the chance to discover the city of Amsterdam not just from the Rick Steve's books.  Don't get me wrong he has got some good stuff too.  So after my dilemna of scouring every nook and cranny of the internet for the best food tours of Amsterdam okay I'll be honest hitting up trip advisor first and foremost I found Hungry Birds.  They had great reviews, fun filled photos and now as I can personally attest to it  a fantastic  experience I will never forget.  I am sure our group won't ever forget either.  After all you only eat soup with strangers in the back room of a restaurant once;) Right?

What food tours do you like in your neighborhood or city? Comment below and let me know!

Thanks Hungry Birds