Summer Ikea Hacking

Every summer I become a kid again.  I walk to the library and pick up more books than I can carry home with me.  I eat my favorite flavor of ice cream in a cone and forget the napkins on purpose. My hands become so sticky I use my jeans to wipe away the mess.  I stay up late and use a flashlight to read under the covers. I ride my bike around town with nowhere to go and  stop at the corner store to get red licorice for the outdoor movie that night.  And best of all I create. I have waited all year, slowly gather the money I needed for all of the bits and pieces now stashed under my bed .  This summer wasn't any different except for one thing:  I decided to share it with you.  

Transforming a small three drawer  dresser purchased from Ikea,  into a linen covered bedside table wasn't difficult.  I used this site to guide me through the step by step and get informed on what materials would be needed.

 I hope your summers are as memorable as mine and you find a project to make you feel giddy when your done. I mean who wouldn't be after they put octopus knobs on their new bedside table, right?

Happy DIY!