Handmade CARD obsession or money saver?

To write is human, to receive a letter: Devine!
— Susan Lendroth

According to my other half it is a hobby that never ends, brings in more items than goes out and causes a neurosis of collecting things..aka:Pack Rat.

 However to the other card freaks out there it is a means of creating, a look unforgotten, a handwritten word at the right time, and a romantic gesture savored forever.  Obviously we are on opposite sides of the court but thankfully every year he feeds my obsession with a beautiful card written in his own hand with expressions meant for the Queen of Sheba or even better the Shulamite maiden...😘 

I love writing✒️ and letters and words and what better way to express yourself and your feelings than to send them.  In this world of Insta...everything a written thought brings out the best in people.  Who doesn't like to get a lovely note in the mail just because?  I ASK You, Noone.  If they say they don't well they must be lying.  You don't have to be a Jane Austen or Charlotte Bronte fan to know that letters touch the heart❤️

 After all if Downton Abbey writes out there letters even though no one will ever see them just to make the actors have a remarkable reactive emotion it must be that the power of the written word did not end in 1999.  So handmade card obsession or money saver...I will go with handmade card obsession anytime.

Have you written a letter lately?  What made you?  Did your receiver respond?  Let me know send a comment or better yet send a letter.😉.

-Yours truly