Mandarin Juice

Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influence of the earth.
— Henry David Thoreau

Mandarin Orange Juice

Let's be healthy and Drink Juice.

 Let's be healthy and get up early.

 I have always wanted to be a morning person.  Thus far it hasn't happened.  I think my Grandpa who is 90 years old this month isn't even a morning person so I kind of wonder if there is hope.😉  

And just to clarify by morning person I am not referring to getting up at 7 am to an alarm clock and rolling out of bed because you have no choice, you have an appointment at 8 that you made because you thought you could force yourself into being a morning person.  

Rather I was making reference to those whom morning is a natural thing.  The alarm⏰ probably doesn't even need to go off they will wake up.

 I on the other hand would miss a flight, sleeping straight through until some sub conscious part of me dreamed of missing a flight.

I'm  talking about those who get up and head to the gym 🏃 for the 6 am class and arrive 15 minutes early.  My body barely moves at those moments.  I keep having dreams of swimming 🏊with the masters at 6 but alas it just doesn't happen....  

My go to however when people ask are you a morning or night person is to say: "neither. I'm 10-2. And you?" I usually get a chuckle taking the pressure off of being that early bird who catches the worm or the night owl who writes novels.

Magnuson Park Bird

Don't get me wrong, I do like it when I rise early.  The house is quiet, no one is stirring.  My cup of coffee calls and in the winter my fireplace🔥 is on (yeah it's electric).

But I also like to have that sweet taste of sunrise.🌄  I love to wake up with the birds outside and watch them rise in the air with me.

Magnuson Park Birds

 I love to go out and walk at the park when the sun is coming up and grab the first light for photos. 📷 These moments happen a little more in the PNW during the winter as the weather permits because the sun⛅️ takes a little longer to come up. I think it likes to sleep in as much as I do. 🌞  So if I wake up early by chance and have had my cup o' joe ☕️and went out on a jaunt I love coming back to some fresh squeezed juice. 🍊 Not just plain ol' orange juice although as a kid I lived on that before coffee (existed in my world).

 Something different, something with a little kick and that says:

"Good job. You are part of the morning crew. You made it."

That is what this juice is for.

 If it is already made upon your return home, even better.  If not it's quick and yummy straight out of the juicer.  No need to refrigerate it prior to drinking cause, after all, you just went out for a walk in the cold early in the morning, didn't you? 😉


  • 7-9 mandarins peeled

  • 1/4 inch peeled ginger

  • 1 lemon peeled


Step 1

Place mandarins then ginger then lemon into juicer.  

Drink up!


  • Satsuma mandarins make the best juice and they are in season from early winter to early spring depending upon where you live

  • Good news one mandarin gives you about half of your vitamin C for the day and 2 grams of fiber

  • Clementines aka "cuties" although good are not the same as satsuma mandarins and do not have the same juice ratio as mandarins are more similar to oranges in this regard.

  • Little known facts: Mandarins originated in China, Clementines are a grafted fruit from a guy in Algeria.