Salmon Kabobs

My life is what a salmon must feel like. They are always going upstream, against the current.
— Laura Schlessinger

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      Loving salmon didn't begin I have to admit, in Seattle.  Rather it began at a small little restaurant now owned by it's employees with a waiter who always reminded me of Albert Einstein on the Mendocino Coast in California.  I think it might have been year


or three

or four...

(I can't recall exactly) of our marriage.  Our waiter I guess we will call him Albert told us about a salmon entree with a corn salsa.  I wasn't drawn to it by any means but wanting me to expand my food horizons my hubby convinced me to try it and promised to switch his meal if I didn't like it.

 He had turned my mind around on fish slowly taking me away from my days of fish sticks with tartar sauce. πŸ˜– Now I cringe as you must be doing right now. Unless you make homemade fish sticks! 

 "It won't smell like fish" he told me "it will be fresh."

"It is extremely fresh miss.  Just caught yesterday." Albert agreed standing by the side of our garden side table.

I was unsure, questioning my new found palate.  They both seemed so sure of the fact that I would love the salmon. Heads bobbing up and down and eyes waiting in anticipation of my decision.

  I did like corn especially sweet corn.  It was summer and corn on the cob dipped in butter and covered in salt had always been my favorite treat from the California State Fair.  It can't be half bad if it had corn in the dish right?

"hummm" I hesitated...

"If you don't like it miss we will be happy to bring you something else." the waiter added.

This restaurant was all about pleasing the guest.  It was a favorite of ours and I had never had one bad thing on the menu, well, minus the one time Albert's silver hair was in my cobbler but that's another story.πŸ˜‰

"Okay. Sure. I will try it." I agreed.

My husband grinned from ear to ear. Triumphant.  Albert smiled with his crazy gray hair all around.  I waited.

The fish was a dark reddish color and the yellow corn contrast gleemed like golden topaz gems sprinkled all over my piece of salmon.  Small specks of emerald green jalapeno's peeked through the corn salsa.  

"Looks good" my husband said.

"Yeah. It does." I replied.

I opened my mouth and took my first bite of salmon and corn salsa.  It was good.  Soft, sweet, a little crunch from the corn and a sea salt flavor from the fish with just a hint of piquant from the jalapeno.  

"Like it?" he asked wide-eyed with hope.

"Yeah actually. I do." I answered surprising even myself.

Albert popped over from nowhere and checked up on me.

"Miss?" he asked questioning with his eyes.

"It's good." I said, " Thank you" wanting to add, Albert.

With an empty plate and a full stomach my new found  salmon love started its expansion.  I don't waver over ordering salmon at a restaurant anymore unless I am on the East Coast.  Sorry to my East Coast Foodies but Atlantic Salmon just doesn't cut it for me. (I know, snob)

Now though more than restaurant dining on salmon I prepare it at home. Sometimes I ask for a whole salmon when sockeye is in season even though our household only has two.  We just eat it all week. My sweetie calls it the bear diet.  Summer salmon and berries seems to be what we live on for a while until the fall. Until the Pacific Northwest hibernation begins. πŸ˜‰β˜”οΈ Grrr.🐻 

If the fish is fresh just a little seasoning and grilling is needed and dinner is served.  This Calico fish rub which consists of:

  • Purple Sumac

  • Hawaiian sea salt

  • Black Sesame Seed

  • Chinese Chili

  • Dill weed

is a knock your socks off kind of seasoning good on fish, chicken and even vegetables.  It gives you a little kick and takes you on a world journey taking me to the sea.  You can find it here.  A little goes a long ways.  

Salmon Kabobs


  • 1/4 pound of salmon per person cubed

  • small mixed blend of cherry and golden tomatoes

  • 1 teaspoon of Calico fish rub

  • 1-2 teaspoons of olive oil


World Spice at Home Gift Set

Special items:

  • Wood or metal skewers

  • Grill

Step 1

If using wood skewers soak in water for about 20 minutes prior to grilling. Heat grill.

Step 2

After cubing salmon or having your fishmonger do so, rub the seasoning all over fish and then rub with olive oil.  

Step 3

Skewer the salmon and small tomatoes one after the other leaving not much space between each but space at the end of the skewer for turning.

Step 4

On a hot grill, grill until fish changes color and skin looks crispy on skewer about 5-6 minutes total, turning as you go.  Do not overcook as the fish will taste like rubber tires if you do so.  Better to undercook than over.  Let skewers rest for a few minutes before plating.

Step 5

Serve with a green salad and pop your  warm tomatoes over the greens and taste the sweet tomatoes blend with your vinaigrette.  Divine!

Don't forget that glass of dry Rosé🍷(only a red wine emoji...😞)


Fresh Sockeye Salmon and Calico Fish Rub

How do you do summer?  What do you love to grill?  


  • Look for Fish that has clear eyes with healthy wet and intact fins

  • Touch the fish...No sticky fish! It should be cold and wet and spring back when pushed (if not keep go elsewhere)

  • If buying already filleted fish look for cracks, breaks or pooling water...your fish is or was mishandled or getting old.

  • In salmon the saturated color is a good thing...I promise I didn't saturate the photos in this blog that was the real color!

  • Last but not least if it smells run like he... double hockey sticks!