Salted Caramel S'mores

An apple is an excellent thing — until you have tried a peach.
— ~George du Maurier

Every summer at  our August  Picnic,  “I have S’mores Duty.” I know I managed to hoist this job upon myself but none-the-less I strive to achieve “THE S’MORE” and this year was a topper. Not only did our Picnic correspond with National S’mores Day, but peach season was in full swing at the farmer’s market. If I have a Sunday visitor  Ballard farmer’s market is not to be missed. This summer Sunday was no exception as my German visitor and I did some peach tasting and okay let’s be honest, hot mini donuts covered in cinnamon and sugar are always a must. 

My mindset on Washington peaches was harsh after so many visits to Georgia but that all changed when I met Manager Marcel Kluets of Collins Orchards . Per Marcel Suncrest Peaches are available Mid August-Mid September and are what the Statue of Liberty is to New York, a stand out Peach. Of course, expecting juice to runs down your chin is a given  but hanging on to a burning stick while grilling, now that’s a feat like no other peach.

 At the Picnic, peach lovers and visitors from Georgia asked me “Where did you find these peaches for the s’mores?””Like em?” I asked. S’more carmel,peach juice dribbling down my neck. “Yes. They’re amazing. From here?”  Pause. Swallow. “Yeah.”

So the story goes.

 Life changing S’mores require you break the rules. Find the guy at the farmer’s market selling Suncrest ripe peaches. Make a friend. Pick the peach.  Go home and prepare the Salted -Carmel. Save the carmel spoon licking for the leftovers. You won’t go wrong and your friends will thank you. Until next year that is when your not sure how to one up your Salted Carmel Peach S’mores.


Salted Caramel:

You can’t go wrong using this recipe:


Do notpeel. Just rinse and dry.

You will want to slice them in half and remove the pit and then slice opposite the stem to maximize holding the peach together. If transporting somewhere squeeze a little lemon juice over the peaches to keep their flesh color from browning.


Graham crackers:

You choose, but honey maid are the basic go to unless of course you make your own. Not in my repertoire yet but then again there’s always next year.