Avocado Toast

I love things that are indescribable, like the taste of an avocado or the smell of a gardenia.
— Barbra Streisand


It's officially summer.  And to top it off the weather must have heard the news as well because it finally turned into sunshine today.  Honestly I wasn't sure if it was going to happen.  I'm glad. It means good things all around.  Good vibes, healthy feelings, picnics, summer concerts, bathing suits, swimming, and maybe if you're like me library visits for summer reads.

 When I was a kid I lived between the pool and the library.  The summer reading program was more than an encouragement it was my earnings for the summer.  Two panes of glass stood between myself and the prizes that I would earn for reading 10 books.  Everything from free pizza and ice cream coupons, to new books, pencils, notebooks,etc.  The cache they had tucked away  inside the sliding doors of prizes was enormous for a 10 year old.  I don't know how they got the prizes?



 All I know was it became my lifelong summer goal to win everything. {I'm not competitive, I promise.😉}

It's funny, it was a challenge for most kids to earn one prize.

Not me.

 Read 10 books and get a prize?  More like read 100 books and get 10 prizes. {Okay maybe I compete a little.🤣}

I was there every week sometimes twice a week collecting prizes.

 I knew the librarians personally and they never questioned my honesty of reading the books.  You had to fill out a slip with the title and authors of all of the books and then you would pick your prize.  It was so simple.  I confess I was and still  a readaholic. I may have to start the 12 step program soon for book nerds.

I am sure that for others, getting through 10 books took them all summer, but for me it was like someone was sitting around giving me free money.  Maybe that's why I like writing now?

 Reading and writing go hand in hand.

 I don't get free pizza now, but wouldn't that be nice?

 Instead I have learned to share. Share my recipes, my ideas, my dreams, my world.

Once a reader always a reader no matter if you like paperbacks, electronic, audio, or whatever form you choose reading opens worlds.

 Cookbooks are included in this list  and they are what helped me learn the odds and ends of cooking.  

Yeah,  there is youtube and all kinds of videos on how to do everything in the kitchen and don't get me wrong, I use them. Alot. You can't be a food blogger and not use them.

 I watch videos, but I still always go back to books.  I'm sure it's age related and what I grew up with but libraries and books will always hold wonderful memories for me. How about you?

I hope wherever you are you have a chance to visit a library this summer.  Maybe it will have to be a virtual library but either way books can open your world.

 After all Avocado Toasts probably became popular from some guy with his thick glasses and cup of coffee wanting to eat breakfast  simply and slowly all while reading his favorite novel that started with I once had a farm in Africa...

 I don't really know, but it might be the start of a great story don't you think?  I'll let you know when the book comes out...😉😉.

 Until then eat Avocado Toast🥑, drink coffee☕️ and Read a book in the sunshine, cause it's summer, and it's a good idea.


  • 1 Slice Bread
  • 1/2 Avocado
  • 1 egg
  • Pinch of cumin seeds
  • Pinch of nigella seeds*
  • PInch of Garlic Powder
  • Crushed pepper(optional for a little kick)
  • Butter
  • Maldon Sea Salt Flakes


Step 1

Heat a small pot of water in order to poach egg.  You can add a little  white vinegar to the water to make the poaching easier if you prefer. Crack an egg into a separate dish and once water temperature reaches 110 degrees or starts to bubble slightly then stir water around into a small whirlpool and in center of whirlpool slide egg from dish into pot.  Allow to cook for 3 minutes and then remove with a slotted spoon.

Step 2

While egg is cooking toast bread and then when done butter and add pinch of garlic powder on top of butter.  Cut avocado in half ,save avocado pit in other half do not remove, slice Avocado and remove from skin this is easily done with a spoon.

Step 3

Place egg on Toast and avocado slices surrounding.  Top Avocado and Egg with Salt, Cumin seeds, Nigella seeds and optional crushed pepper.

Eat and enjoy...with a good book and a great cup of coffee.


  • Nigella Seeds (aka black caraway) tastes like a combination of onion, black pepper and oregano (purchase above) You will love it!
  • Always Store Avocado leftover halves with the pit inside to keep longer
  • How to tell if an avocado is ripe:
  • Ripen avocados: Place in a paper bag and let sit on counter for 2- 5 days, to ripen even faster add an apple or a kiwi or two which gives off a gas that helps ripen
  • The egg poaching set from OXO works like magic, if you want a little extra help.