Obsessed Foodie Part 1

When engaged in eating, the brain should be the servant of the stomach.
— Agatha Christie

You know all of those horrible redneck and blond jokes that float the internet?  I have discovered that although those have circulated for years people are now trying to place Foodies into a category.  Therefore rather than run from the title it is time to embrace the person whom you have become. Or give your friend a chance...  After all it can't be that bad...n'est pas?

You know you're a Foodie when:

  • Your friends bring you SALT as a gift from their travels
  • You bring Boogie Chocolate hidden away in your bag to the movie theater and ask your friends if they have tried it with no thought to interrupting the film
  • Your dinner invites from friends begin with "would you bring that delicious..." before you have even set the date
  • You have more than five  kinds of oils and seven vinegars in your pantry just in case you need to create the perfect salad dressing...because you would never buy pre-made dressing in a bottle
  • You play guess what the secret ingredient is with your dinner guests
  • You're heartbroken because the soufflĂ© fell flat before everyone arrived at the table
  • When you eat alone you make a three course meal
  • You love to garden...only because it means you can say "I grew that, it's organic" when you sit down for dinner
  • Your instagram following is almost only, other Foodies...and maybe your spouse
  • You can't wait until the next Food Bloggers Convention
  • Your ten year old nephew is excited to visit and go discover food places with you verses going to the zoo
  • Life isn't the same when you don't get to sit down for lunch
  • You hunt the city for the best croissant in town...only to discover you love your own just as much
  • Your husband buys you food classes for your anniversary... and you are thrilled beyond measure
  • You're gluten free friends still visit you because they know you will accomodate gracefully and completely in search of the best gluten free bakery
  • Time slips away when you sit in a restaurant sipping a glass of wine and indulging in home comfort food: mac n' cheese...of course it has roasted red peppers and sautĂ©ed mushrooms added to it
  • You feel uncomfortable with people who say they don't like fish
  • On vacation you always check out the grocery store and float down every aisle... looking for that "unusual" item
  • Friends start passing on their extra fruit to you from their tree...in hopes of getting something yummy in return
  • Your idea of sitting down to read an action packed book is a food memoir 
  • You're friends wonder why you are so into food...until they eat at your house
  • You're yearly picnic with friends always involves food games

For now that is the run down on What makes a foodie to me...Did you see yourself in the list or did you laugh at the friend you know this reminds you of?  If so then You know what to get them on your next vacation!

Happy Eating...Foodie friends and foes!