Food Blogger Conference Excursions

If my cuisine were to be defined by just one taste, it would be that of subtle, aromatic, extra-virgin olive oil.
— Alain Ducasse

Capay Farm Tour in Capay Valley owned by the Taber Family for 100 years was our first outing for the IFBC.  Varieties from Chiquitita, Cornatina and Arbequina became names thrown around us as we learned about the cultivating, picking, and processing to make fantastic olive oil.

 Food Bloggers being what they are however lunch was the first stop for our group at the Olive and Capay Vineyard.  Never not serve food to a food blogger. 😉 A beautiful setting with Cool Drinks, and Refreshing Melons was the start to the warm afternoon☀️.

 A great introduction to meeting other bloggers as well as learning more about the area and the farm to fork 🍴development in the area. 

Food Bloggers at Capay Valley Farm Luncheon

Then it was off to the farm and the olive groves and almond orchards as well as the sweltering valley heat.  Sweat poured off of me and the air conditioned bus could not keep up with the group of camera happy bloggers but regardless the photo moments 📷 made me forget the heat as I snapped my camera and learned about olive trees and how things like frequent watering in little shots make for a healthy producing olive tree.

Oops that's why my tree died 😖.  

Information gathering a little too late.😏

Last Stop the tasting room and Olive Processing in a landscaped paradise with a wooden air conditioned building made for quite the excursion.  Capay Valley Ranches rolled out the red carpet for the IFBC and it will not be forgotten.  

Olive Groves

Have you done a food excursion, food tour, or something farm to fork?  Don't forget to share in the comments below!  Love to hear about where to go next!