Arcade Lights 2017 at Pike Place Market

Seattle is for people who love culture, but refuse to sacrifice their wild nature to attain it
— Kimberly Kinrade

Pike Place Market Spring Event

Arcade Lights is a Pike Place Market Foundation Spring event for Foodies🥖 and Seattleites alike. Not my first rodeo with this event so I knew to go in make my food rounds trying all of the good stuff they had to offer before the crowds got Big! 'Cause they did!

 Bites from cheesecake, hot tomato soup🍅, bits of chocolate🍫 all the way to cocktails🍸, barrel aged gin🥃, and boozy shakes.  Yes this event had it all.

 The idea is to pop a bite, have a sip, and support the market along the way.  It's an age old market that makes Seattle and its peeps proud.  

New expansions (the good kind) are around the corner for the famous Pike Place Market so if you haven't been in a while or have never been it's time to plan a trip.

 Foodie events like Arcade lights is only one of the many year round events going on at the market.  Check here for the next upcoming event.

 You will always have access to your market spice tea☕️, chukar cherries🍒, beautiful flowers🌷 and let's not forget the flying fish🐟 but the people behind the scenes are what make all of this happen.  Pike Place Market Foundation keeps the history alive, telling the story, of the August 17, 1907 opening of an establishment that thrives because of the people who support it.

 Maybe that's you, the tourist visiting and buying and shipping fish to your home far far away or maybe you have a dedicated tile in your name on the market floor (don't forget to look down folks) either way, you give a little when you walk through and taste and see all of the goings on of over a hundred years of history.  

So next time you visit Seattle have a look at Rachel the pig and throw your extra change💰 into our "Piggy Bank" the Market thanks you, and Seattle thanks you too.  

Rachel the Pig  Pike Place Market Pins

Rachel the Pig Pike Place Market Pins

Tips on Visiting Pike Place Market

  • Savor Seattle gives a great food tour if you want to taste your way around the Market
    (Let them know the White Radish Sent You)

  • You will not miss most likely: the flying fish, or first Starbucks, but don't forget to try the mini donuts, or the Simply the Best dried fruits and vegetables across from the flying fish,(love the okra!) and explore the market stairs or use the elevator for more below!

  • Fresh Pizza by the Slice at the Delaurenti's Italian Market (arrive before noon to beat the crowd)

  • Amazing Salmon or Halibut Sandwiches(I love it blackened) at Market Grill: Uses fresh baguettes from Le Panier (in the market) and fish that you will see at the Market! Gluten free? Have the fish and goodies over rice instead!

Want more spots to see on your next visit to Pike Place Market or Seattle? Send me an email or leave a comment below and let me know, happy to provide, maybe I will even join you!