Pike Place Market Event

Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.
— Rabindranath Tagore

Seattle Sunset behind Pike Place Market

Delving Deep into Seattle via photography is becoming a passion and if there's food involved all the more reason to become a part of the event.  Last Friday's shooting 📷 as the "media" volunteer for the Behind the Table event at Pike Place Market Foundation was a real eye opener 👀 into the Behind the scenes activities that take place when the market goes to sleep 💤 for the evening.

Behind the Table event by Pike Place Market Foundation

Rachel and Billy Pigs from the Market

In reality the Market doesn't shut down but is just getting started when the atrium kitchen hidden underneath the Honest Biscuits starts cooking for an event hosting inside.

This time Behind the Table was the event of the night, with fundraising going to benefit the seniors and artists living above the market.  

Behind the Table Event by Pike Place Market Foundation

Art auctions both silent and live, and local art, musicians and Food and Drinks were just some of the festivities into the twilight hours.

Pike Place Market Foundation Event-Silent Auction

 That didn't include the Photo booth with your Yeti selfie or the, pass the hats on the table while trying to win a prize or two.  

Although reluctant as I am not usually a fan of people dressed up in wooly suits  and unknown eyes  I was tempted decided to give in.  I have to admit I did the Yeti photo, hope to see it! 👍 

Side story...I had a bit of a trauma as a child 😁 involving Gepetto  and me shoving my elbow into his stomach.  I guess you could say I was one of those kids who took "don't talk to strangers" to a whole new level. 😂 

Hoping Gepetto kept up his gig...😜

I digress from my photo op night.  I had difficulty deciding if I liked the blackened  spicy salmon or baklava more but either way savory or sweet it was a night out of excitement and yummy food.

Having never been to any kind of live auction it was the best people watching moments ever and even more so from my behind  the camera experience.  Did you say $100? No way that bid is not gonna end their.  

The expressions on peoples faces when they  bid made me wonder, is that what happens when people gamble all night long and give their money away?  😭 Can't say I get it 😏 but interesting to watch none-the -less.  Kind of thinking it would be cool to be a fly 🐝 or bee (only emoji I could find) on the wall at Christie's or Sotheby's  now.

Best part of the evening however for me hand's down was the Sunset.  Gorgeous. Breath taking and any other words that you can think of to describe a free painting in the sky.

  Tucked away in the upstairs room while heads were huddled over staking their claim number to silent auction paperwork I watched out the window as the sun set and the ferry docked in the Puget Sound. Golds, yellows, and blues passed the window and my camera clicked away as I watched each moment until it ended.  

We are heading into the end of our daylight hours this week and the start of our winter hours and it is beautiful moments like these where the rain has dripped all day and then the clouds lift away to reveal an arc of gold that keep me uplifted for the rainy months of darkness ahead.

 Thank you Seattle for giving me this moment and thank you to all of you for sharing it with me.

What is your favorite Seattle moments?  How did you react?  Hope to hear from you below in the comments or on Instagram and remember to send this to your friends so we can hear their stories as well. 

Pike Place Market Foundation Event: Behind the Table

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 Long live Seattle Blogging and Photo Events and Long Live our Favorite Market: Pike Place Market!