Prince Edward Island

Forty years ago I was a very young girl with little worldly wisdom or experience. But I knew how to do one thing — I knew how to choose friends. I made no mistake about that.
— L.M. Montgomery

Reading the journals of L.M. Montgomery the woman best known for Anne of Green Gables as struck a cord in me.  Turning forty her world had already been turned upside down. She was a famous author, had gone through a World War and given birth to life and death.  I am going to turn forty and at times life hits you.

I don't mind it, turning forty.  Some people say they loved their thirties but I have to say I look forward to my forties.  I know me. I know my friends.  I know what I like or don't.  I'm happy with me.  Isn't that what gaining wisdom is all about, learning to be okay with yourself and who you are.

 Letting go.


Being Kind.

Being Happy.

Smiling because you can.

It is lovely seeing where someone else grew up and reading their life experiences both struggles and highlights.  It's like she blogged before her time.  Who knew?  

She writes about herself, people in her life, those she encounters along the way and the beauty of the island she lived upon for decades.  Her friendships, her loves, her sadness, her happiness, her marriage, her children and somehow all while writing her journals she managed to bring to life characters  so real that people carve statues, dress up, make movies and musicals all about people who lived in the imagination of this woman.  I would haved loved to meet her then but alas I read her life now.  


"Anne" of Green Gables

Prince Edward Island was a journey to be taken only with a kindred spirit.  Thus I set off with another "Anne" lover but discovered more of the real woman "Maud."  

L.M. Montgomery- "Maud"

Her birthplace, her grave, her jaunts aka Lover's Lane her community, her life, her island.  I loved the books as a child but the Island made things real.  This was a real place that Maud wrote about and loved every day of her life even when she lived far away.  PEI was her home, always.  Not sure how I feel about that.  

My home, well it is wherever I am because life can be as lovely as a piece of chocolate cake or as sour as a lemon it is all in what we want it to be.  I'm gonna stick with chocolate cake even if I have a few sour lemons to deal with every now and then.  

And you?

 Where have you wanted to go?

 Who inspires you?

What do you call home?


Until next time....