Dear Mr. Ottolenghi...

Why anyone ever thought that boiling brussels sprouts was a good idea when there is the option of roasting them is one of life’s great mysteries.
— Yotam Ottolenghi

I'll never forget my first encounter with a brussel sprout. Dinner at my friends house included a real wood dining table and everyone sitting down to eat together. Her mom, ready to serve us table side, had her oversized spoon in the right, and pot in the left. She asked her daughter. "How many?"  " None" she replied.  She got two. "How many?" she asked me. "One." I gulped. I had never seen my friend turn down food from her mother an amazing cook and inspiration from my childhood. Something about those mini cabbages steamed or boiled didn't appeal. I don't remember the taste I think I swallowed my one and only sprout whole, but I never ate them again...Until... the roasting discovery years later. Thank you Mr. Ottolenghi  for your continued inspiration.

Sincerely Charmed,