Dear Ms. Reichl...

I’d opened a bottle of nutmeg, startled when the little spheres came rattling out in a mothball-scented cloud
— Ruth Reichl


It isn’t often that a fiction novel  makes me smile and be inspired to cook all in one shot. Delicious was like a great two fingered glass of rye whiskey, full of depth, air and  smoothness. It does more than swallow well. Characters come alive, a mystery that keeps one guessing but not so complicated that I get to the end and ask what.? Hints of recipes, but not so bombarding that I feel the need to speed read through them. Food love that beams via  the characters.  Sal’s cheese shop made me want to open my own.  I visualized  Sal turning the cheese blocks one by one so his customers had the  best view. The photography of the food mess, became so real I started searching on Google for Richard’s gallery opening.  Yes Mrs. Reichl you have done it again. You have left me laughing, and wanting a little bit more. Fiction or Non-fiction it seems I will be making an investment in your sagas. Thanks again for the inspiration.

Earnestly smiling,

-the White Radish