Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.
— Samuel Johnson

London Doors

Eating in London was  phenomenal, why?  

 Because we did a food tour? 

Because traveling makes me hungry?

Because I got to go to NOPI ?

Dessert at Nopi

Yep to all of the above.  Because that's what foodies like me thrive on.

London has so much to offer.  Culture, language, books, and food no wonder this is a reason most people start their European tours in England.  And don't forget Red double decker buses and Red telephone booths.

Bacon Sandwich with homemade ketchup from Nose to Tale Restaurant Saint John

Some highlights of our vacay definitely came from the EATLONDON food tour!  Starting with bacon 🐷 sandwiches at a nose 🐽to tail πŸ– restaurant made the drooling begin from every part of my tongue. πŸ‘…

I swear all five tastes were stimulated and maybe even the sixth...gotta love umami. 

 A 17th century old restaurant called  the English Restaurant  (I know inventive, right?) poured out upon us love and sweets in the form of what is known to us in the US as bread pudding.  To the English however, this means adding hot sweet liquid. Who knew that bread and butter pudding could evoke memories of cold nights and hot fires in just a ten minute sitting. And what fun filling the required "spoon"  hole with a liquid custard cream so thick that you wished you could pour it in your coffee β˜•οΈ every morning.  At least I do.πŸ˜‰

Bread and Butter Pudding from the English Restaurant

 Alas, the EatLondon tour did not only give us sweets and treats but history and tales to make every American storyteller jealous.  Why doesn't the US have such historical bits and bobs?  Why does the word potluck come out when fuddle is so much more fun?  How do I know what Cockney word is being used?  Why does that building have the Jewish calendar and the Julian Calendar?  History and Eating go hand in hand and the EatLondon tour took it to a whole new level. Recommended? Yep.  

What is it about England that makes me think so fancy?  Maybe it's "the Crown. πŸ‘‘ πŸ˜‰ Yes the Crown Jewels are a must see at the Tower of London.  Suggestion go first thing in the morning to the Tower of London and visit the Crown Jewels first so you can miss the rush of people later.  Of course photos are prohibited inside but the history of the scepter the weight of the crown and all of those little details you wanted to know are told on the audio tour or you can just talk to the security inside.  Most of them seemed happy to oblige with stories to tell, after all watching over crowns all day must go to one's head. (ba dump bump!) I know bad  pun but well intended. πŸ˜‰  Or if you just want to have an overview, Netflix is handing out info in their latest series the "Crown."  Addicting to say the least.

Last but not least I suggest grabbing a coffee at the TATE Modern and heading to the top for a fabulous view for Free!  

London from the Tate modern

You can of course grab coffee elsewhere before your TATE visit and top of my list was definitely Ozone Coffee. Not near the TATE but well worth a visit on it's own or maybe add a very cool Street Art Tour to your list of Artwork to see on the streets before seeing the famous peeps in the museum. You may be surprised by your view of street art and the accomplishments of those artists making art that is ephemeral.  In fact it might even disappear before the guide can give you a chance to view the vision as had this piece upon our guided visit.  Thankfully we had seen it the week before during our first night stay at CitizenM an eclectic hotel for the modern hotel goer.

Street Art London


 Besides Roasting Beans before your eyes at Ozone their brunch is also very yummy, make sure to nab a seat  at the counter facing the kitchen to watch them make your breakfast or lunch if you are a true foodie!   And guess what being that they are from New Zealand they have Lamingtons...of course there's always still the "great debate," are Lamingtons from New Zealand or Australia.? I will let you decide, read about it here!

Tips: Eating,Drinking and Shopping

A bit of time in London is well spent and the food is hitting top notch and is truly world renown.  Until next time I leave you with these words from my favorite lady  authors of London:

A writer is, after all, only half his book. The other half is the reader and from the reader the writer learns.
— P.L. Travers


May you share your thoughts with me so I may learn more from you my reader in your comments, stories, and views.

-Happy Travels and Happy Eating!







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