Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.
— Gustave Flaubert
Elephant Sanctuary Indonesia

Elephant Sanctuary Indonesia

I’m up on one year ago on my visit to Indonesia the land of ten thousand islands…or maybe more, and I still haven’t posted the photos. Why? According to “Google” the four main reasons for procrastination are:

  1. A Fear of Failure

  2. Excessive Perfectionism

  3. Low Energy Levels

  4. A Lack of Focus

Is it possible to have all of these at the same time? Yes and Yes. I am here to tell you it can be done. “Sure” you say with the critical voice spewing with sarcasm, but you are writing this blog so no way you are experiencing true procrastination that is true. Points to you for noticing but it did take me almost a year to get back in the swing so there was definitely avoidance on my part. So what’s different about today from Yesterday? Why all of a sudden am I waking up saying maybe I will write my blog on Indonesia today? I asked myself the question: What will it matter?

What if I fail? Who will care besides me?

Why do I need to be perfect? No one else is, last time I checked.

I might be tired but what’s easier…typing on my computer or getting up and running a mile? Hmm in that perspective you see my reasoning don’t you.

Focus…aaah what is focus? I’m not even telling you about Indonesia yet so eventually I will focus. Hope your laughing out loud right now. LOL …By the way heard a funny statement LOL: does not mean Lots of Love when you are writing a sympathy card. Talk about way off focus, but you get my drift.

So Indonesia…in a nutshell or a mangosteen. (see photo below) Loved it. The people,the food, all of it. Highlights not to miss…the elephant sanctuary, the food, Ubud: it is truly as great as the film EAT,LOVE, PRAY and my favorite moment the ability to Procrastinate for three whole weeks, cause after all it’s vacation and your supposed to do that on a vacay!

Mama Elephant Smiling

Mama Elephant Smiling